• Hound Hustle 10K, 5K & 1-mile Trot with Spot
    Hound Hustle 10K, 5K & 1-mile Trot with Spot
    • Date: Sunday, 05 May 2019
    • Time:

      8:30 am - 10K

      8:35 am - 5K

      8:10 am: 1-mile Trot with Spot, 10K Walk or Walk/run


1. Are runners allowed in the race without a dog?


2. What is the course like?


3. What are the awards like?


4. Are there any pet awards?


5. Are walkers and strollers allowed?


1. Yes please. The race is a regular 10K and 5K with the exception that dogs are allowed to run (or walk in the 5K and 1 mile Trot with Spot) with their owners - or vice versa.


2. The course is flat and fast on pavement and paved trails with short stretches of sidewalk. There are a couple of wooden bridges and part of the course in the 10K goes through a pretty park area.


3. Awards are custom Medals. In the 10K age group awards go 3-deep in 5-year age groups. Winner awards in the 10K go 3-deep M/F Open and Masters. Winner awards in the 5K are open only and 3-deep. Age groups in the 5K go 2-deep except in the younger age groups where they go very deep....


4. There are pet awards. The best costumed dog, the best costumed person and the pet & person who look the most alike will win an award.


5. Walkers and strollers are bsolutely allowed and welcome! The start sequence is set up to allow everyone from elite runners to novices to walkers to have a clear, no pressure start. 

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